Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kids Who Rip

I went snowboarding last saturday for the first time this season. The snow was mediocre at best, but the sun was shining and i had new gear to try out, so it wasn't too bad, apart from being separated from my friends and stranded at the bottom of the not-quite-operational Northwest Express lift for over an hour.

At one point during the day, I rode up the lift with two very young kids. I overheard their conversation and one was 13, the other 11 years old. They were talking about trying to find a good kicker to do backflips off of. Now, i don't know anyone who can do a backflip on a snowboard, much less an 11 year old kid, so i tended to assume that he was totally full of crap, or joking or something. But he sounded kinda serious, and he was kinda weird.

Well, i was just checking the local news and saw a video piece that reminded me of the encounter so i watched it. The piece is called Kids Who Rip and is about young Bend residents who skate and snowboard. Sure enough, the kids are in it. I believe Ben is the one and i think i saw the real young kid with long hair too. Anyway, i guess they were for real.


I'll never be that good, and this kid is only 11! It's happened to me on a motorcycle too. I've been at the motocross track and had kids come flying past me. I think to myself, 'uh-uh, that's not happenin, i can keep up with that little runt!.' And i try to keep up, only to watch them fade away ahead of me (rocket away may be more accurate), and that's on their tiny little bikes!

Anyway, i'm gonna try to link to the video but it was a flash gizmo embedded in a pop-up window, so i'm not sure how successful this will be. Leave a comment and let me know.

Video Here

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