Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Do You Really Believe This Stuff?

I hate inflammatory political emails. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only kind there are. Political emails are almost always false. Sometimes entirely false. Usually they twist some small kernel of truth around so bad that it becomes entirely misleading and implies a totally false principle, even though based on some piece of truth. This is a perfect example:


No Term Limit for Obama???

Check it out Scroll down and click

Change! Boy is it coming!

A Democrat has now introduced legislation that would repeal the 22 Amendment to the Constitution - the prohibition against any President serving more than two terms in office.

Just like the Nazis, the Communists, and the Fascists, Obama and the Democratic Party is moving to posture the U.S. Presidency for succession by one President. That's how Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini became "Leaders for Life". Once the 22nd Amendment is repealed, the next step is to pass an Amendment to the (already emasculated) Constitution which permits a majority in the House of Representatives to designate a President as "President for Life".
Wake up America ! Contact your congressional representative and make it VERY clear that you oppose this proposed legislation.

H. J. Res. 5 - Repealing 22nd Amendment bill was referred to the House Committee on Judiciary on 1/6/09 and then referred to the Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties on 2/9/09. (Check it out on the government websites listed below.)

Earlier this year, Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y. introduced H. J. Res. 5, a bill that would repeal the Constitution's 22nd Amendment which prohibits a president from being elected to more than two terms in office, thus potentially paving the way to make Barack Obama president for life.. Not surprisingly, the corporate media currently caught up in Obama-mania has not covered this story.

"Will George W. Bush end up being the last true U.S. President?" asked Sher Zieve, writing for the Canadian Free Press on January 14. " As I warned you on multiple times prior to the 2008 General Election, 'Once Obama is elected, we won't be able to get rid of him.' Tragically, this warning is now being realized. Not only has Obama established his election-fraud organization ACORN nationwide, his adherents have now begun the process to repeal the U.S. Constitution's 22nd Amendment."

See the proof on any of these websites.

http://www.washingtonwatch.com/bills/show/111_H J _5..html

Or go to Google and do your own search by typing in H. J. Res. 5
When Americans suffer the loss of liberties here at home, it will be justified by the government as a necessary provision against danger(s), real or pretended, from abroad.

Now, as a rational person, with some grip on reality, i thought to myself, "Hmm, eliminating term limits for the president? That sounds like a pretty big deal. You'd think I'd have heard something about that from somewhere other than wacko emails. I wonder if there might be some chance that something from the internet may not be entirely true?"

So I did something crazy. Before panicking, declaring that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket, and forwarding this email to all of my friends and then running out to buy ammunition (because there's about to be a 500% tax on it, don't you know?) and canned food... before doing all that, i thought maybe i should check into the legitimacy of this claim.

I first went to http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/is_there_a_move_to_make_obama.html. I found out that there is a New York Rep. who believes that there should not be term limits for elected officials, but that they should remain in place until they lose an election. He believes this as a matter of principle and he has proposed this bill in 1997 and every other year since then, including years that G.W. Bush was in office. But clearly, it must be the Adolph Obama's plan. He probably started this whole conspiracy in 1997 in preparation for now.

Next, to be sure, i went to another of my favorite sites, www.snopes.com and searched for "Obama term limits" and found the following http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/termlimits.asp. Gosh, wouldn't you know it, it says the same thing. It says that ever since the 22nd amendment was instituted, shortly after Franklin D. Roosevelt died, there has been some opposition to the amendment.

How ridiculous and stupid does this statement sound, in light of the truth? "Just like the Nazis, the Communists, and the Fascists, Obama and the Democratic Party is moving to posture the U.S. Presidency for succession by one President. That's how Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini became "Leaders for Life"." I'd say that statement is pretty embarrassing in light of the truth.

It's fantastic how the author of this inflammatory email has actually done the research to verify that indeed the bill does exist. They even provided the links for proof! It's true, they're right there at the bottom of the email. In fact, the author encourages us to check it out. That's great. Now if you take a moment and actually read the 3rd link provided by the conspiracy theorist himself, you'll see that it says: "Over the past six congressional sessions, several members of Congress have introduced similar legislation, including Sen. Harry Reid in 1989 ( S.J.Res. 36). As is likely the case in the 111th Congress, the resolutions have never proceeded out of committee. Furthermore, given its past history, it is not likely that such resolutions have been or are currently tied to any specific presidential session."

Why what's this? This has happened over the past six congressional sessions? It happened way back in 1989? Hmm, it sounds much better to imply that this is the first time and that Obama is behind it all. Oh, nobody bothers to read the proof because they're afraid that if they know the truth then they won't feel justified in hating whoever is the target inflammatory email? Oh, the author of the email didn't have to worry about anyone reading the 'proof' because they were confident that their supporters would react emotionally and not rationally to the content of the email. Once emotion is involved and you stand up and shout in support of the message (in your head anyway), it's awfully embarrassing to then go back and read the evidence and change your mind. Probably easier to just stick with it and blend in with the rest of the standing and shouting crowd. It feels good to be there, in the crowd, right?

I love this part: "Not surprisingly, the corporate media currently caught up in Obama-mania has not covered this story." Gee, maybe the reason the Obama-obsessed media hasn't covered this story is because THERE IS NO STORY HERE. They did a little research, employed a sliver of intelligence and found out that there is nothing new here and nothing news-worthy.

Please, do as Mr. Inflammatory Author suggests: Wake Up America! Don't believe everything on the internet. Listen to your senses and be skeptical of things that sound crazy. Don't go the other way and automatically assume that they aren't true either; find the truth.

...and take me off of your FWD list, i don't have time to read the rants of every wackjob who wants to make up a conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

You need to wake up...I hope you are starting to see the 'CHANGE' that you voted for, I know I am...thanks a ton buddy for being so simple minded. America thanks you greatly as well.

Troy said...

Are you serious? Did you read what i wrote? I said nothing about the "CHANGE" and you don't know who i voted for. I said nothing in support of Obama. I'm not even a democrat, i'm a registered independent.

How am I being simple minded? Is it by failing to automatically believe outrageous conspiracy theories made by anonymous emails? Is it simple-minded of me to take the time to do a little research and find the truth?

Thanks for further representing the kind of thing i'm complaining about.

Rusk said...

Troy, at this point it has become a religion. There is nothing that you can say that is going to open their minds to anything outside of the groupthink.

Anonymous said...

The point of the email is that SOME are opposed and are trying to change it. The author lets YOU do YOUR own research. This isn't "totally false" or "misleading". He/she says a Democrat has proposed this, which is true. The point of the email is to make it clear you oppose this to your congressman or congresswoman. Yes, it has never gotten far in the house yet, but you never know. Every time it arises citizens need to be aware it is out there, and make sure it doesn't pass.

Besides, why use this parallel to Hitler when there are plenty of better ones??

Troy said...

It absolutely is misleading. It leads the reader to believe that this is the first time such changes have been proposed, and that Obama and/or his supporters are behind it, and that it is being proposed now so that Obama specifically can remain in power.

Anonymous said...

Troy Wrote: "Usually they twist some small kernel of truth around so bad that it becomes entirely misleading and implies a totally false principle, even though based on some piece of truth."

It is very clear to anyone with an ounce of integrity that you have perfectly described this inflamatory email: Anon obviously isn't letting clarity get in the way of a good conspiracy.