Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Computer in Bend, OR

I thought i might as well post this here. It's pasted in from an email i just sent out"

Hey everyone, I just want to put out the word. I have a decent Dell computer that I would be happy to give to anyone in need of a computer. It's a desktop computer, has 20 GB or so of free hard drive space and has a monitor and keyboard. All that is needed is a mouse.

I just deleted the whole hard drive and re-installed windows and also installed the latest versions of Firefox and OpenOffice (like Microsoft Office but free). So it's nothing fancy but will work just fine for web-surfing, email and doing homework. It should play music fine too if you have a set of speakers or headphones.

So, just email me back if you or someone you know could put it to use!

Troy Smith

Rather than email me, if you read this and are interested, just leave a comment to this post.

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